LOGIX ICF Construction

VS Standard Built Construction 
NO thermal bridging prevents energy loss. Continuous insulation and a constant R value of up to R 27 for life.
Energy Efficiency Thermal bridging allows energy loss, insulation gaps and the R value erodes over time.

The stronger technology.

Wind Protection – over 9 times stronger than wood frame construction.Fire Protection – 4 hour rating Earth Quake Protection – Engineering available for all seismic zones.

Sustainability Conventional construction has resulted in excessive insurance losses over the last 30 years.
Moisture Protection – Will not rot Health & Comfort The friendlier technology EPS and concrete are non-toxic and do not emit gas andoutside noise reduced to a whisper

Thermal image of a conventionally built home showing heat loss across the entire wall.

Thermal image of a LOGIX home shows minimal heat loss, resulting in lower energy bills.