Gorilla Buck Window & Door Buck

  • Gorilla Buck Window & Door Buck
  • Gorilla Buck Window & Door Buck
  • Gorilla Buck Window & Door Buck
  • Gorilla Buck Window & Door Buck

The Gorilla Buck System



system overview 

The Buck – the backbone of our system, is available in eight different backing styles designed to meet your exact specs and building requirements.

standard plywood gorilla buck
fireproof densmore buck
3/4" treated plywood
3/4"osb buck
Hardie board buck
solid foam buck
fireproof plywood
1/2" osb 2x2 rail

Used together, our buck, brackets, hangers and flashing create a cohesive, strong, weatherproof and cost effective system.

Gorilla Buck – Whether you’re an architect wanting to match an existing ICF wall spec on your door, sill and walkout buck; a contractor looking to reduce your labor and material costs on a project…  Or a homeowner looking for a high quality, easy to install product line which provides good value for your investment, this system is the right choice.

Lintel Hangers and Wire Rebar Positioners and our Patented Rebar Bracket-Are products designed to ensure the integrity of your ICF construction by supporting  rebar as you build. Our Lintel Hangers, Wire Rebar positioners and Patented Rebar Bracket, facilitate wall construction by suspending rebar horizontally and vertically in those tough areas around doors and windows.   The galvanized Rebar Bracket provides extra-strength reinforcement for heavy stress vertical sections, while our easy to carry and place 1/8” rolled steel wire hangers and positioners maintain alignment in the horizontal areas.

Flashing – we consider the role of our flashing to be so important to the Gorilla Buck system, that we developed a specific press to create this shape.   The interface between buck and ICF in lintel locations can become compromised by moisture entry from a number of directions.  Our easy to install Gorilla Buck Flashing virtually eliminates costly repairs and renovations by providing an enameled, non-corrosive barrier between the two.

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